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Sky Sailors is a side scrolling shooting game where the player is in control of a flying Skyship, in a sky filled with floating mountains. There are dangerous sky pirates on the loose and you will have to be quick to use an arsenal of different cannons and weapons to combat them. The goal is to reach the town in one piece or to gain as many points as possible to achieve the highest score.

You can first choose your sky ship equipped with cannons and 3 other unique abilities and weapons. You may then also choose a captain to command your ship these captains will bring unique abilities to the table that will be inherited by your chosen Skyship. Each captain is completely unique and the combinations you choose for your captains and Skyships will change how you play. The game can be quite difficult to start with but once you use all of your abilities to your advantage you will find yourself tearing through masses of enemies. Have fun - the sky is the limit.


Sky Sailors is a University project and due to time constraints is being released as an alpha. Features are finished and fully functional but more content built on these features is yet to be added.

  • One unlocked Skyship
  • 3 unlocked Captains with unique abilities
  • 1 level (in this current build)
  • 10 different player attacks/ability
  • 4 different enemy types
  • A variety of floating mountains and clouds
  • Original Soundtrack
  • Sound Sliders
  • Weapon effects can impact environments
  • High-RES assets


Platform: Windows7
Price: FREE!!
Release Date: 23/06/2014
Version: AlphaV1.4
Requirements: Recommended minimum 2 GBs Ram during preloading, recommended 1920x1080 screen resolution, mouse, keyboard, recommended speakers or headphones for sound (game has not yet been tested on many systems).


Contact me at my student email: matthew.oades@mediadesign.school.nz


Hello my name is Matthew Oades (aka FrankTheFish) I am currently studying at Media Design School in New Zealand. I am in my first year doing a Bachelor of Creative Technologies (in Game Art) and ‘SkySailors’ is one of my first projects. ‘SkySailors’ is one of my initial and early games and will be the first game I have publicly released. I hope you all enjoy. If a get enough positive feedback I will create a full game but for now the alpha will stay as it is. I also have other games planned for the future. 

Install instructions

Run the executable.


SkySailors.exe 103 MB